The sight is exceptionally lightweight, compact and .308 Cal. tested. HOGSTER R™ can be quickly mounted on any type of rifles equipped with Weaver/Picatinny Rails using a tactical quick release QR mounting system, making the set up process quick and easy. 2020-12-12 Bering Optics HOGSTER-R 2-8x35mm Ultra-Compact Thermal Weapon Sight Scope 384x288 50Hz w/Tactical Lockable QD Mount (BE43035T) $ 2,995.00 $ 2,775.00 SALE; Bering Optics Night Probe Mini Night Vision Gen 2+ Clip-On System Kit White Phosphor (BE26141W) $ 2,795.00 Bering Optics HOGSTER-R 384 2x-8x 35mm 50Hz Ultra-compact Thermal. 4 Year Warranty! Hogster in Stock !!

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Here is the SUPER HOGSTER range trip video and hunting clips: youtube.com I bought a new thermal optic for the hog hunting arsenal, this one is unique in terms … 2020-10-03 We are proud to be able to offer the Hogster with the option of a Bobro mount pre-installed by the factory at Bering Optics! Please select this option during checkout if you wish to have one of these mounts on your Hogster. Features: 2.0-8.0 Magnification; 35mm / F1.1 Lens; 384x288 Resolution; 50Hz Refresh Rate; 17 Micron Pixel Pitch; 10.7 The HOGSTER-R 35mm contains a crisp 35mm f/1.1 objective lens focusing the available thermal radiation. The field of view on this thermal scope is 10.7 by 8 degrees. It features a 4 times digital zoom to enlarge your subject. The eye relief distance is measured at 40mm.

Well, hog hunting with Hogster R 35mm thermal bird watching device! Link to original video: Hogster R Thermal Riflescopes - 25 mm and 35 mm versions.

Optical Magnification, x. 2.9.

Hogster 35mm

Simple to use, the HOGSTER R™ features an intuitive user-friendly menu to customize settings to the user's needs without disengaging from the target, including MIL-Dot and traditional reticles along with White, Black and Colored SUPER HOGSTER R 2.9-11.6x35mm Ultra-compact Thermal Weapon Sight, VOx 384×288 core resolution, The Bering Optics SUPER HOGSTER 2.9-11.6×35 Thermal Weapon Sight is designed to appeal to consumers who desire more features and capabilities. The Superb Germanium optics paired with an advanced 12µm Vanadium Oxide (VOx) uncooled thermal core and proprietary elec Bering Hogster 25mm 2295. Bering Hogster 35mm 2675 Super Hogster 384/12u 3195. Super HOGSTER with BOBRO mount 3350. HOGSTER C clip on thermal sight system for conventional scopes 3675. AGM Rattler 25mm 1995 PULSAR Thermion XQ50. 3799 Bering Mini 384 Thermal scanner 1295 AGM Taipan Tm 15 384 hand scanner 1295 Night vision in stock.

Hogster 35mm

Please inquire for stock status prior to ordering. The new Bering Optics SUPER HOGSTER-R™ 12 µm VOx 384×288 Ultra-Compact Thermal Weapon Sight expands on the extremely popular Hogster-R line with more features and performance. This new scope, like the standard Hogster-R, is exceptionally lightweight, compact and rated up to .308 recoil. Super Hogster 35mm 2.9x-11.6x.
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thermal scope not included. Sep 16, 2020 Month / Sept 2020) called the Super Hogster which is a 2.9x 384x288 50hz model with 12 micron core and adjustable focus 35mm lens and  SUPER HOGSTER-R 2.9-11.6x35mm Wi-Fi capable- allows media recording to the mobile device (Super Hogster App is HALO X 35mm Thermal Scope. A Hogster R25 thermal scope will be good out to about 200 yds, 300 yds Keep an eye out on the agm rattler 35mm, also iray rico 1, not sure  The HOGSTER™ 384x288 Thermal Clip-on Attachment is unique with no rival. Aimed at the growing feral swine market, the product exceptionally lightweight and  May 20, 2020 Fits 35mm Hogster & Super Hogster. Our cat tail for the Bering Optics Hogster Thermal Sight allows quick focus with gloved hands.

Model: Hogster-R 35mm. Bering Optics BE43045 Overview. Bering Optics - Super Hogster 35mm - 384 res 12 micron thermal optic First Range Trip and Hog Hunts  Mar 20, 2020 At this point in time I have only ever looked through a Hogster-R 35mm that a family friend got recently. I was very impressed, but I also have  BERING OPTIC HOGSTER 35mm. $2,675.90.
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Read more. Pulsar Trail LRF XQ50 2.7-10.8×42 Thermal Riflescope $ 4,299.97. Read more. Pulsar Thermion XQ50 3.5-14×42 $ 3,799.99.

I know Ill regret selling it but I know Ill appreciate the sleep. The mount returns to zero so I would use it as a scanner 2020-10-14 Bering Optics released the Hogster-R 35mm and 25mm this fall. Watch Korey Kirschenmann use this on a recent hunt. He harvested 5 coyotes with the unit with s About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Bering Optics HOGSTER-R 35mm. $2,675 00 $2,675.00; Add to Cart. New for 2020 from Bering Optics.
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Bering Optics Hogster-R 35mm and 25mm Comparison. Bering Optics posted a video to playlist Hogster R Thermal Device. December 21, 2019 · Bering Optics HOGSTER-R 384 2x-8x 35mm 50Hz Ultra-compact Thermal. 4 Year Warranty!

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To answer the Bering Super Hogster 35mm FunkyKO. Nov 30, 2019 Here is a video that shows what the new Bering Optics Hogster-R can do. This is a very small, light, 35mm 2.0x 384 resolution thermal. You will  May 6, 2020 I had a buddy make a throw lever for my hogster-r. It makes adjusting focus a lot easier, especially when you're wearing gloves. [img] Bering  Reviewing one of the most exciting thermal scopes to hit the market during 2020, the Bering Optics Super Hogster.

The sight is exceptionally lightweight, compact and.308 Cal. tested. The Hogster R 25mm and 35mm are very similar but will be more useful for two different types of hunters. Night hunting for Wild hogs and Coyotes using thermal makes you more effective and now at between $2300 to $2700, good quality thermal scopes just became much more affordable. I had my 35mm Hogster out a couple of weeks ago. We were out about 6 hrs and I went through 3 sets of rechargable batteries.

1 to infinity. Diopter Adjustment, D -5 ; +5. Reticle W/E adjustment value at a distance of BERING OPTICS HOGSTER-R 35MM $ 2,675.00. Read more. N-Vision Halo-LR 3.5-14×50 Thermal Scope $ 7,494.99.